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Terms & Conditions

We will always deliver boxes on Monday's and Fridays following your order. Orders placed after Thursday or Saturday at 2pm should be phoned through to the shop to ensure that boxes are included in that delivery.

Some products will be perishable and we can not be held responsible if these products degrade because the customer was not in attendance when the item was delivered. Wherever possible we will always do our best to deliver when our customers are at home. If you are aware that you may not be at home when we are due to deliver, please contact us to arrange a suitable delivery spot.

On the rare occasion some produce may not be available due to circumstances beyond our control, we will replace that item with a product that is of the same quality and product category that you ordered.

Because of the nature of our produce, all weights are approximate, however we will always endeavour to ensure that the customer is supplied with a delivery as close to the weight of the ordered products.

We make every effort to ensure that our prices are up to date at all times, but because of the nature of our produce some prices may vary according to availability.
We reserve the right to amend prices at anytime without notice, but we will make every effort to advise you of any changes, and you will be offered the opportunity to cancel your order with a full refund.

We make every effort to delivery you the best produce. If you are not happy with your produce please contact us within 24 hours so we can deal with the problem.
We will not be held responsible after 24 hours has passed.

All purchases are secure and are made using Paypal

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